Investor Coaching

We believe the traditional financial planning model is broken.  Many financial plans these days are developed for free as a sales tool to sell you more products.  Some financial professionals are not even legally required to act in their client’s best interests.

We believe that a confident investor — that is, an investor who is educated and engaged in the investing process — stands the best chance to have a successful investing experience.

How Can I Become A Confident Investor?

Our unique approach to investing combines over 60 years of academic research with consistent investor education in order to create awareness about your own investments.   Being this engaged with your own investing strategy is something few investors may ever do.  But once you have this level of understanding you’ll have confidence to take prudent investment actions even in uncertain market conditions.

So how can you tell if your financial advisor is really helping to bring clarity to your investing experience? Simply take the “Investor Quiz” by clicking here. An Investor Coach will work to help you understand all of these questions.  If your current financial advisor is not helping you seek answers to these questions, it may be time for a second opinion on your investments.

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Investment Advisory Services are provided by Premier Financial Services, Inc., doing business as True Wealth Nation, a Registered Investment Adviser. Premier Financial Services, Inc. and ProWise Financial Coaching are independently owned and operated.  Information is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a solicitation for a purchase or sale of a security.